About Us

La Plaza is a Latinx created and directed healing project in Santa Rosa, California. La Plaza is built on the essential understanding that culture heals – La Cultura Cura.

La Plaza is:

  • A welcoming place for gathering, and the creation of a new cultural norm for wellness

  • A practice space for emerging leaders to try out new skills and roles in the community where they can learn to design and lead healing activities for themselves and others

  • La Plaza is different from other mental health programs because it pairs clinical, therapy-based services with familiar healing practices and cultural arts experiences that invite us all to claim our own ability to heal

  • We create a bridge for Latinxs to clinical services when needed.

  • Most importantly, La Plaza offers the Latinx community an opportunity to come together for healing from trauma, depression and anxiety

La Plaza’s Vision:

Nuestra Cultura Cura Initiative is committed to promote and enhance the health and well-being of the Latinx community. We raise awareness and reduce mental health stigma by building on our cultural strengths to empower our community to heal. We do this by working collaboratively with resources and agencies to implement innovative culturally defined practices to address mental health needs in the Latinx community.

The Urgent Need: Improving Mental Health in the Latinx Community

We all experience different levels of struggle, challenges, hardships, and joy throughout our lives. As a community, we must find solutions for providing low-cost, effective healing practices that meet the unique cultural needs of our Latinx children, youth, families and elders.

In Sonoma County, we need more culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services, and relatable ways to talk about our emotional needs, our struggles, and our well-being in order to get the appropriate support.

This vision was created by these amazing leaders.


La Plaza Founders